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Hagstrom Ultra Swede

The Ultra Swede excels with its sleeker neck profile, 7/8 body size, and Custom 62 pickups, providing an exceptional range of tones—from pristine single-coil clarity to bold humbucker richness.

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Hagstrom Swede Limited

This limited edition of the iconic short-scale Single Cut legend showcases its timeless appeal with classic specifications, radiating an unmatched allure in the striking Tiger Burst finish.

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Hagstrom Super Swede Limited

This truly exquisite limited edition of the Single Cut classic features a long scale,only outshined by the captivating Tiger Burst finish.

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Hagstrom Swede

Turning a beloved classic upside down and redefine it for a new generation of players discover the details now.

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Hagstrom Super Swede

Transforming the long scaled "progressive classic" for a new generation of players, discover the details now.

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Hagstrom Alvar

This semi hollow guitar and its “petite” body size, will be a perfect match for players searching for an instrument in a compact format.

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Hagstrom Viking®

The perfect guitar for a rich palette of sounds, it churns out sounds as diverse as they come.

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Hagstrom Super Viking®

The long scale version of the Semi Hollowbody classic gets the maximum out of both the sound and the appearance. 

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Hagstrom 67 Viking® II

The same classic vibe from the 60’s originals, fused together with modern day technology for a classic and punchy humbucker tone or in single coil split mode, providing players with complete tonal flexibility.

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Hagstrom Tremar Viking® Deluxe

This chrome-laden beauty literally screams rockabilly.

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