Hagstrom Artist Project

Our Hagstrom “Artist Project” series is a unique line of instruments that has been specially created in unison with a chosen few of our Hagstrom Artists. Each instrument is a representation of the musician’s creativity and specific demands, as each of these featured Artist’s has been given free hands to uniquely customize each of their own ideal instruments to create a perfect tool of musical expression.
Guitarists will appreciate each of these finer details and features that each of the instruments presents, while players can be ensured that each attribute and specification has been specifically pondered and scrutinized by each of these professional musicians. The Artist Project instruments result in a captivating tool that will offer a unique playability, tone and visually compelling guitar, shared by both the player and their fans.

Hagstrom Super Viking® Trans Brown

In 2012 Justin York purchased a Hagstrom Viking® to use on tour with Paramore, and the rest of the story is history.

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Hagstrom Viking® Gold Top

The Hagstrom Viking® Gold Top - a semi-hollow guitar with true vintage flair and tonally more than meets the eye.

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