Hagstrom Artists

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Aaron North

Aaron Wright North is an American musician such as Jubilee, The Icarus Line, Nine Inch Nails, Queens of the Stone Age, Buddyhead.

Adrian Kühn

Kärbholz is a German rock band from Ruppichteroth. Photo: © Jasmin Struck

Alejandra Deheza

School of Seven Bells – Creative Mining & Lyric writing guide with 20+ years experience.

Alex Howard

Hoodie Allen, Sleeping With Sirens, Conditions

Andreas Klemens

The Satellite Year -  played a mixture of post-hardcore and electropop.

Andy Monaghan

Frightened Rabbit – Andy Monaghan is an artist / writer / producer based in Glasgow, he works from a space in the East End.

Antti Seroff

Profane Omen -  was a groove metal band from Lahti in Finland.

Arne Wiese

Motorradkaffee, Viper Sniper

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Big Country

Bruce Watson, Jamie Watson & Derek Forbes


Discharge -  is a British hardcore punk band formed in 1977.

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Charlie Bedford

Charlie Bedford - one of Australia's most exciting up-and-coming artists, Charlie began playing in bars and clubs at the age of 12 ...

Chris Catalyst

Eureka Machines, Sisters of Mercy - Chris Catalyst is a British rock guitarist known for his work with The Sisters of Mercy ...

Christian Vidal

Christian Vidal is the guitar player for Symphonic Metal genre giants Therion and a solo artist


The Wildhearts - are an English rock band formed in 1989 in Newcastle upon Tyne ...

Claes Olofsson

Session player, User of a Common Name, The Mahatmas

Colo Miretti

Colo Miretti on Instagram ...

Connor O'Sullivan

The O'Reillys and the Paddyhats are an Irish folk punk group from Gevelsberg.

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Danko Jones

Danko Jones - is a Canadian garage blues rock band led by the Canadian singer and guitarist with the same stage name. Photo © Björn Olsson


Dariusz Malejonek

Kultura, Izrael, Moskwa, Armia, Houk, 2Tm2,3, Arka Noego & Maleo Reggae Rockers

David Stott

Metal Band Ward XVI - Photo © Rich Price Photography

Don Canone

Unzucht is a music group formed in 2009 in Hannover, Germany.

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Eddie Reyes

Taking Back Sunday - is an American emo band that has been around since 1999.

Fernando Vecchio

Las Pastillas del Abuelo - is an Argentine rock band.

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The Nameless Ghouls - Ghost is a Swedish heavy metal band from Linköping. Photo: © Ryan Chang

Ginger Wildheart

The Wildhearts, Ginger Wildheart is an English rock guitarist, singer and songwriter. Photo © bandsonstage Trudi Knight

Gregory Hinde

Gregory Hinde - is an American composer.

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Henry M. Rauhbein

Rauhbein is a German folk rock band around singer Henry M. Rauhbein from Velmeden. Photo © Rauhbein

Ivan Gomez Singh


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Jacob Widén

Neverstore - is a Swedish punk rock band.

Jonny Fox

The Standstills -  are a Canadian duo consisting of husband and wife team Jonny Fox and Renée Couture.

John Hassall

The Libertines - John Cory Hassall is an English musician and bassist of The Libertines.

Jorge Escobedo

Sôber is a Spanish metal band formed in Madrid in 1993 by brothers Carlos and Jorge Escobedo.

JT Woodruff

Hawthorne Heights is a post-hardcore band from Dayton, Ohio formed in June 2001.

Julia Marcell

Julia Marcell - real name Julia Górniewicz is a Polish singer and pianist. She lives in Germany.

Justin York

Independent Artist, Ex-Paramore, Touring Guitarist

Jyri Vahvanen

Battlelore, Church of Void - Battlelore is a Finnish metal band from Lappeenranta.

L ...

Lars Enok Åhlund

Soen is a multinational rock and metal supergroup formed in 2004.

M / N ...


Amplifier - in Neil Mahony's record store Sel Balamir, Matt Brobin and himself found each other.

Mando Diao

Mando Diao is a Swedish rock band and pop band from Borlänge, formed in 1999.

Marcel Zürcher

Witt, Der "W" – Marcel Zürcher boasts an illustrious professional career that began as a drummer with Abwärts and Razzia. Photo © Filip Poffe

Marcus Jidell

Marcus Jidell is the guitarist and founder of the Swedish Epic Doom Metal/Rock band Avatarium. Wearing the producer's hat, he has, amongst others, enriched albums of the genre gods, Candlemass.

Mathias Färm

Franky Lee, Millencollin - Mathias Färm is a guitarist in the punk band Millencolin.

Matthias Reim

Matthias Reim is a German pop, rock and beat music singer. Photo: © Torsten Amlung

Michel Rivard

Michel Rivard - is a singer-songwriter and musician from Quebec.

Micko Larkin

Michael "Micko" Joseph Larkin - is an English musician best known as the lead guitarist of indie rock band Larrikin Love and Reformed Hole.

Niklas Sandin

Katatonia is a metal band from Sweden, formed in 1991. Photo: © Rahel Gölzner

P ...

Pat Smear

Foo Fighters, Nirvana, The Germs - Pat Smear is an American musician.

Paul Astick

Hawk Eyes - is a rock band from Leeds, England.

Pernilla Andersson

Pernilla Andersson - is a Swedish singer-songwriter, pianist and producer.

R ...

Rich Jones

The Ginger Wildheart Band, Michael Monroe - Rich Jones is an English guitarist born in Coventry in 1973.

River Gibson

Songwriter, singer/guitarist, brand and artist manager.

Rob Stephens

Hawk Eyes is a rock band from Leeds, England.

Robbie Davidson

The Exploited - was formed in early 1980 by Wattie Buchan, John Duncan, Gary McCormack and Drew "Dru Stix" Campbell in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Rodrigo González

Rodrigo "Rod" Andrés González Espíndola is a German musician, bassist, guitarist, composer and singer of the rock band Die Ärzte.

S ...

Sel Belamir

Amplifier - in Neil Mahony's record store Sel Balamir, Steve Durose and Matt Brobin found each other.

Stefan Wirths

Kärbholz is a German rock band from Ruppichteroth. Photo: © Marco Stahl

Steve Durose

Amplifier - in Neil Mahony's record store Steve Durose, Sel Balamir and Matt Brobin found each other.

Swan Cuebeaux

Swan Cuebeaux - is a Paris-based guitarist and composer.

T / U ...

Taylor York

Paramore - Taylor Benjamin York is an American rock guitarist, drummer and music producer.

Tezz Roberts

Discharge - is an influential second generation anarcho-punk band from the UK.

Thom Edward

God Damn was a British rock band from Wolverhampton, England.

Thomas Wallin

tAKiDA - is a swedish rock band from Ånge in Västernorrland, formed in 1999.

Todd Kerns

Todd "Dammit" Kerns - is a Canadian rock musician who has worked with several Canadian bands including Slash, Age of Electric, Static In Stereo, Sin City Sinners and Michael Monroe

Toni Mena

Producer and creative

Uwe Frenzel

Truck Stop - is a German country band from Seevetal-Maschen, south of Hamburg.

W ...

Will Crewdson

Will Crewdson - is a London-based guitarist/writer/producer ...

Will Sergant

William Alfred Sergeant - is an English guitarist best known as a member of Echo & the Bunnymen.


Konstantin Michaely, Nikolas Eckstein, Peter Thiele