Jazz guitars are the pinnacle of the art of guitar making.

Masterful. An excellent jazz guitar is the crowning glory of the art of guitar making. And in these models is the unique signature of the master himself: James "Jimmy" D'Aquisto. Uncompromising like the HL550 - a good basic sound, changeable only in volume and tone. What more does an instrument of this class need?
Or flexible like the HJ500/HJ800. Jimmy D'Aquisto designed them back in the 1970s. And to this day, these two beauties have lost none of their unmistakable appeal. Sound and looks complement each other here to create a unique masterpiece.

Hagstrom HJ800

The top model of the Hagstrom Jimmy Range. With this guitar, the unique signature of the master is unmistakable.

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Hagstrom HJ500

In this model you will find the unmistakable signature of the master himself, an absolute guitar building luminary: James "Jimmy" D'Aquisto.

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Hagstrom HL550

Uncompromisingly Jazz. Hagstrom HL550 is an exceptional guitar, which is highly appreciated by connoisseurs of the scene.

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Hagstrom Tremar HJ500

Hagstrom’s Tremar HJ500 model, with its gleaming hardware, is a true work of art.

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