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Hagstrom Viking® Deluxe Baritone

A voice that will shake the foundations of the earth. In addition to the longer scale, the sonically matched and newly developed pickup duo, give the Viking® Deluxe Baritone an extremely sonorous sound.

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Hagstrom Viking® Deluxe 12-String

Hej Viking® Deluxe 12-String! From classic 60's beats to chewy prog rock anthems, the Viking® Deluxe 12-String unleashes a wide range of vintage and modern sounds with its built-in H50 humbuckers.

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Hagstrom Viking® Limited -The Rod-

"The Rod" Signature guitar offers a versatile array of sound options, allowing it to effortlessly capture the punky and heavy tones reminiscent of "Die Ärzte," while also bringing to life the vibrant essence of the 1960s beat era showcased in tracks by ¡Mas Shake!, his band.

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Hagstrom HJ800

The top model of the Hagstrom Jimmy Range. With this guitar, the unique signature of the master is unmistakable.

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Hagstrom HJ500

In this model you will find the unmistakable signature of the master himself, an absolute guitar building luminary: James "Jimmy" D'Aquisto.

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Hagstrom HL550

Uncompromisingly Jazz. Hagstrom HL550 is an exceptional guitar, which is highly appreciated by connoisseurs of the scene.

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Hagstrom Tremar HJ500

Hagstrom’s Tremar HJ500 model, with its gleaming hardware, is a true work of art.

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Hagstrom Swede Bass

In honor of the Hagstrom classic Swede, the Swede Bass makes a return to the Hagstrom line after nearly 40 years.

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Hagstrom H8-II Bass

Not only has the H8 surpassed the experimental phase of the 1960s, but it has also proven to be undeniably timeless, capable of winning over even the most dedicated vintage enthusiasts. 

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Hagstrom Super Swede Bass

The Super Swede Bass has not only refined the platinum hits of Abba with its sonorous sound. It also feels right at home in other styles.

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