HAGSTROM Welcomes Uwe Lulis - Accept as New Artist!

The Swedish manufacturer and Uwe Lulis celebrate their long-standing connection with an official collaboration and are thrilled to welcome him as the newest artist into the prestigious lineup of international artists in the Hagstrom Clan.

Hagstrom is overjoyed to officially welcome Uwe Lulis (Accept/Uwe Lulis Project) to the Hagstrom family of international artists, a.k.a. the Hagstrom clan. Few bands can rival the groundbreaking and influential metal institution that is Accept. Many esteemed peers and journalists credit the band with pioneering the "Speed Metal" genre. Remarkably, Accept has managed to stay creatively vibrant and true to their hallmark sound, delivering inimitable and flawless live shows.

After his formative years with German metal heavyweights like "Grave Digger" and later "Rebellion," where he contributed essential songwriting and unmistakable guitar skills, Uwe joined Accept in 2014. His playing has been a unique and invaluable addition to the band. Uwe and Hagstrom have maintained a close relationship throughout his career, dating back to the brand's resurrection in 2005. Formally announcing him as an official Hagstrom artist is a momentous and full-circle event.

Accept's latest critically acclaimed album, “Humanoid,” has the band playing many festivals throughout the summer of 2024 and continuing the "Humanoid" tour with numerous dates in the fall.

For his instrument, Uwe has chosen the New Generation Swede model. In addition to a regular Gold finish model, he needed something special for his role in Accept. He requested a Swede in "Dark Storm" with an Evertune bridge. Currently, this is a one-off guitar, but stay tuned for future updates.