Christian Vidal – THERION

To say Hagstrom is delighted to welcome Christian Vidal of Therion to the Hagstrom clan/family of artists is quite an understatement. His virtuosity, coupled with a robust melodic touch in the lead department, perfectly meshes with raw power when heavy riffs take center stage. To complement Therion's extensive sonic range, being the inimitable trailblazers of symphonic metal, Christian opted for a number of our latest models.
Offering an unparalleled combination of classic single-cut looks, meeting the longer scale of 25.5'/648mm, the Ultra Max Special and the new generation of Super Swede models, are the ideal partners in crime, when a broad tonal palette is called for. Catch Christian and Therion on their extensive "Leviathan" tour throughout 2024.
photo credit: © andrea pensalfine