Transport and store your guitar

Transport and Storage

Transporting Your Guitar

Extremes in temperature and humidity are a guitar’s worst enemy. Don’t expose your guitar to direct sunlight for longer periods of time, protect it from moisture, and avoid exposure to very hot or cold temperatures. The safest place for your guitar when traveling by car is on the floor of the back seat. Leaving it in the trunk or locking it up in an unventilated or unheated car is not recommended.

Avoid accidental damage to the guitar by always returning it to the case or bag when you are not playing. Be sure that all latches on the case are securely shut into place and always carry the case with the lid towards you.

Storing Your Guitar

Keep your guitar tuned to pitch and in the case for shorter periods of storage. If you intend to store the guitar for an extended period of time, reduce the tension on the strings slightly.

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